Year: 2022

MLK Day vigil online

The Episcopal Dioceses of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania will host an online prayer vigil to mark the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, January 17 from noon until 5 p.m.

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Baptism, Identity and Mission

“None of us is the Messiah, of course.  But we each are children of God, and, as such, we are more than we usually imagine ourselves to be.  We were conceived before the world began to be a unique part of God’s holy plan.  Do we know who we really are and what our mission is?”

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Look to the Star

“What Jesus intended to teach was what God had planned all along: that people get along together, work to help each other, take care of their neighbors, work to make the stranger feel welcome, feed the hungry, clothe those who are lacking, visit those who are in prison, and any one of many ministries that make the world better.”

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A Chaplain’s Perspective Essay VII: Fighting Fatigue

A reality for all persons in the healthcare world in these days is the necessity to reach down deep and simply do what is needed during this pandemic. In my own little corner of the world it has meant chaplains working additional hours and various shifts as budget cuts have been made, requiring staffing changes.  These staffing cuts have occurred throughout the hospital (and I am sure are occurring in many healthcare systems) because of the very difficult financial realities healthcare facilities are experiencing throughout the country due to the pandemic.                

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Hope is not a Strategy (Or is it?)

“Hope is hard to come by these days. Never ending pandemic and mutations, inflation, escalating global tensions, crime and political divisions on the home front. A mental health practitioner told me that, regardless of her patients’ diagnoses, every single one is suffering anxiety and increased stress.”

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The Tenderness of the Creator

“Faith is not a box on a checklist. The point of faith is not primarily knowledge or mastery. The point of faith is relationship—to be specific, to accept the unimaginable truth that God loves us fiercely, tenderly, protectively, intimately as our Creator.”

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Snow Angel

“As I gazed through the ice I wondered, how often do we become frozen and harden, causing our view of what lies ahead to become obscured?  My reflection was not abstract or rhetorical, but practical, as I could feel my own heart hardening.”

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Soaring Prayers for the New Year

“When it came time for Isaac to get his shark kite soaring, he had a few more missteps along the way. There were nose dives and immediate flops back to the ground. This is what my heart feels, I think. With every news headline and report from doctors, my heart crashes. Yet, Isaac continued to smile and lift his kite to the wind.”

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The Little Light We Carry

“My husband moves up beside me, from his assigned place at the back of our trekking line. He puts his gloved hand on my shoulder. We climb higher, together, and I can feel more of the heaviness subside and my stomach settling as we navigate the silhouettes of people, snow and rock.”

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