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Time for New Ventures

“In the days and months ahead this is the image I want to hold close, and one I share with you: God’s people bound together not by anything we have done but by who we are as God’s beloved children. We are loved and basking in the light of the risen Christ, now and forever more. Amen.”

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Paying Attention

“…Jesus in jeans as the sower, a menorah as Jesus’ family tree, a double helix incorporated into Jesus’ lineage, pieces of the illuminations breaking the boundary of the art…”

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A Blessing for Holy Week

“To hold your feet and wash them
looking in your eyes to say, ‘I love you.’
To sit at the foot of the cross crying with you
offering presence in grief and loss
never leaving your side.”

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Let my Heart be Good Soil

“There were no trucks in the original bible story, yet, Isaac heard ‘seeds’ and used his imagination to bring the bible story to life for him. He was listening, and I was watching and learning from him, too.”

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This blessing is for you

This blessing is yours
Made to make you feel safe, known
Encouraged and loved
This blessing will fight for you
It is within every breath you take
every step you take

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God’s Masterpiece

“Because here’s the truth: we are all God’s masterpieces. We have been created in love to love and to be loved. There’s nothing we have to do or be – only rest in the name God places on us, beloved child of God.”

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Each Day is a Gift

“Being on the lookout for glimpses of gratitude helps me focus on the beauty in front of me. A couple of times a year, Modern Mrs. Darcy invites readers to share a list of the things that are saving our lives right now. So I grabbed a pen and paper to make my own list and to remind myself that each day is a gift.”

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