A grassroots look at the Draft Covenant

A grassroots group, the SR 72 Coalition of the Diocese of SW Florida, sponsored and hosted a discussion of the Draft Covenant for the Anglican Communion. The Diocesan web site article reports:

The discussion was conducted under the rules of “appreciative inquiry,” a model that requires participants to use only positive statements and refrain from criticizing or debating others’ ideas or comments. The goal of the meeting, said the Rev. Ted Copland of St. Boniface, was not to produce a formal response to the draft, but to help participants be more prepared to discuss it with their parishioners.

Most of the 90-minute meeting was spent analyzing the draft, section by section. Process notes of the meeting will be published on this website soon.

Before the discussion got under way, Bishop Coadjutor Dabney Smith reminded the group that the document before them was a draft. “It’s not a done deal. It hasn’t been approved by anybody,” he said. Smith added that this was “an exciting time in the Anglican Communion. We have an opportunity to participate in something that can strengthen our identity.” He said any angst produced by the draft covenant is premature. “Everybody take a breath,” he suggested, “We have nothing to be afraid of.”

SR 72 is a coalition of three churches along State Road 72 between Sarasota and Arcadia, bound together in 2003 for the mutual benefit and ministry of each church.


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