Day: May 10, 2007

Zahl Resigns

The Very Rev. Paul F.M. Zahl resigns as Dean of Trinity Seminary due to personal reasons. The Living Church reports: The Very Rev. Paul F.M.

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Anglican sublime, Anglican ridiculous

This has certainly been one of the strangest weeks in the Episcopal Church I can remember. Whether it was a pie thrown at a priest, letters ostensibly missed in the mail between Primates, or public flailing to find reasons for and against schismatic acts, the universe, fate, or perhaps even God seemed to be whimsically poking fun at our games of polity, power, and control.

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At home with Christ

An African woman perceives and accepts Christ as a woman and as an African. The commitment that flows from this faith is commitment to full womanhood (humanity), to the survival of human communities, to the ‘birthing’, nurturing, and maintenance of life, and to loving

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