Anglicans Should Do The Right Thing

A cradle Anglican from Canada writes on the church and its message for those looking for a place to worship and finding a spiritual home:

“Traditional churches like the Anglican Church can’t afford not to

change with the times. Lots of people my age and younger aren’t cradle

Anglicans or cradle Baptists, or what have you. Even if they are, they

join their unaffiliated peers and go church-shopping, comparing

different service and churches until they find one where they fill (sic)

fulfilled and comfortable. Does the Anglican Church really want to

start turning people away because it’s hung up on tradition and rules?

But that’s really a practical concern. More pressing is the question

Cruikshank posed rhetorically: Do we want to treat people as human or

sub-human? ”

These are the feelings of Gen-x and y folks trying to win their peers back to a church where they can find a place with God that isn’t going to bash them over the head with dogma, sola scriptura or the gospel of selfishness.

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