Akinola will retire in style

Upon retirement from office, priests and bishops can be given a wide range of things, from the English with their gifts of rank and title to the Americans with their cash envelopes and their penchant for naming parish halls after particularly effective (or at least well-loved) rectors.

The Café’s editorial board is just lousy with ordained clergy these days, and so it was with both a painful wince of minor recognition and a dropped jaw that we received the following item from Nigeria concerning Peter Akinola, who will retire as primate of the Church of Nigeria in March, and whose “send-forth” was recently held.

Highlight of the event was the presentation of the keys to a duplex, located at Gudu District of Abuja Metropolis and a Mercedes Benz E300 car to Akinola by the church.

Numbers vary slightly depending on where you check (say, here or here), but it’s safe to say that if it’s new, the car in question – in the U.S. – is surely worth at least $48,000 USD for the base model, and well more depending on whatever else has been thrown in.

As for the duplex in question … well, who knows. Google, maybe.

Still, it doesn’t sound like standing in solidarity with Nigeria’s poor is necessarily on the list of things for him to do post-retirement.

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