Day: January 31, 2010

The right wing blinks first

So what we’ve got here is a concerted effort to undermine not just the Covenant process, but the quasi-governing structures of the Anglican Communion by a right wing party that has begun to fear that the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada will never be punished for treating gay and lesbian Christians like human beings.

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Death benefits denied to trooper’s partner; cathedral steps in

Although he served the law of Missouri, his state’s law never recognized his status as a gay man involved in a long partnership. And so when State Highway Patrol Trooper Cpl. Dennis Engelhard died in the line of duty on Christmas Day, no death benefits were assigned to his partner, Kelly Glossip.

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Akinola will retire in style

“Highlight of the event was the presentation of the keys to a duplex, located at Gudu District of Abuja Metropolis and a Mercedes Benz E300 car to Akinola by the church.”

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Sunday Social Hour

We’re starting to see more activity on the Café’s Facebook wall, partly because it’s now possible to give a shout-out to the source when you share one of our links. But you can also post directly to the wall. On Twitter, we passed the 1,500 follower mark this week.

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The Covenant as theater

The setting is spooky, a large, cold English room filled with furniture of different styles and periods crowded together and needing a good dusting. It could be the setting for Masterpiece Theatre or Mystery, with the voice of Vincent Price introducing another dark tale of intrigue. But the voice was that of Rowan Williams and this was his December 18 presentation designed to win friends for the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Fix your eyes upon Jesus

When Jesus had read this passage, he rolled up “the scroll, gave it to the servant, and sat down. And the eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him.” Now too, if you want it, your eyes can be fixed on the Savior in this synagogue, here in this assembly. When you direct the principal power of seeing in your heart to wisdom and truth and to contemplating God’s Only-Begotten, your eyes gaze on Jesus.

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