Sunday Social Hour

We’re starting to see more activity on the Café’s Facebook wall, partly because it’s now possible to give a shout-out to the source when you share one of our links. But you can also post directly to the wall.

Pamela Grenfell Smith, for instance, wonders whether there is a UK site equivalent to the Café: ” Newsy, breezy, arty, eclectic?” We do include UK press in our roundups and often include posts from Thinking Anglicans, among other sources, but if anyone else has suggestions, you can post to her Facebook inquiry here.

Brian Jaudon posted that he is working on a book on “the gifts we bring to life, work, and service” and invites Cafe Facebook fans to drop him a line if they would like to participate by completing “a brief survey reflecting on your relationship to one of your own gifts.”

It’s interesting to note that we passed the 1,500 follower mark on Twitter this week–and that follower was Kristie Helms. On Facebook, we have a dizzying 2,233 fans. Thank you for following us!

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