Albany priest accused, case adjourned till January

The Rev. Adam Egan appeared in court yesterday charged with unlawful surveillance and tampering with evidence, after he was accused of taking video of a woman in a thrift store changing room.

Colonie Police said 35-year-old Adam Egan entered a dressing room at the Salvation Army in Latham on Wednesday. He held his phone over the divider and recorded a woman in the other room changing.

Police arrested him shortly after and charged him with Unlawful Surveillance and Tampering with Evidence because he deleted the video.

Bishop Love of Albany released a statement to the diocese shortly after Egan’s arrest.

It is with great sadness that I must report to you that Fr. Adam Egan, Rector of St. Stephen’s, Delmar was arrested the afternoon of December 23rd by the Colonie police. He has been charged with Unlawful Surveillance and Tampering with Physical Evidence arising from an incident in which he allegedly videoed a woman changing clothes in a Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I have met and prayed with Fr. Egan. Due to the serious nature of the offense with which he has been charged, as the Bishop Diocesan, I have placed Fr. Egan on indefinite Administrative Leave, during which time he is not to function in any capacity as a Member of the Clergy of this Church, nor is he to wear clerical dress.

Fr. Egan recognizes the seriousness of the charges against him and is cooperating fully with the legal authorities. Obviously this is a tragic incident for all involved: the person who brought the charges, Fr. Egan and his family, St. Stephen’s Church, the Diocese, and the entire body of Christ. I would ask you to please keep all involved in your prayers. May the Love of Christ prevail, bringing healing to all who have been hurt and wounded by this event. It is for this very purpose that Christ came into the world.

Egan’s name no longer appears on the parish Clergy page.

Local news reports that Egan posted bail on Christmas Eve, and that his court appearance yesterday was adjourned until January 20th. Speaking shortly after the arrest, his parish is quoted as saying,

“We’re holding Adam and his family in our prayers and the woman’s family. We’re a church, that’s what we do.”

Photo: Fr. Adam Egan (detail) via St Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Delmar, NY, on Facebook

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