Amended D025 passes House of Bishops 99-45-2

An amended version of Resolution D025 has passed the House of Bishops. It must now be re-passed by the House of Deputies because it has been amended. I don’t think the amendments will present a problem to the deputies.

Here is the amended resolution.

A relatively complete roll call follows as well the conclusion of my live blog of the debate. The Presiding Bishop voted yes.

Reed No

Fry No

Charles Yes

Mc Al No

Kimsey Yes

Donovan Yes

Long Island Yes

SE Fl Yes

VA Yes



Laddahoff Yes

Skinner Yes

Williams A Yes

Gray Francis

Rowthorne No

Long Island Yes

Borsch Yes

Ecumenical Yes

Turner Franklin

Harris Yes Barbara

Quincy Yes

Johnson Yes

Hampto Yes

Central Fl No

Asst LA Yes

Aslmon No

Kaisar Yes

Williams H Yes

Suffragan LA Yes

Asst Chgo Abstain

CA Asst Yes

Prov San Joaquin Yes

Marlbo0 Yes


Springfield No

Dallas No

Haiti No


Payne Cl


Kentucy Fort Worth YES

Fon Du Lac NO

Mass Yest

Litoral No

Suff S. Ohio Yes


Upper SC Yes

VA No?

NY Suff Yes

RI- No

Dominican No

CT- Yes

Utah- Yes?

Bethlehem Yes

E. Carolina Yes

Alabama No

W Mass Abstain


Chane Yes

Michel Yes

Indanapolis Yes



Qyoming Yes

LA (Jenkins, I think) No

W MO Yes

Knudesn Yes

NYC- Yes

Delaware Yes

Maryland Suff NO

E Tn Yes

Percell Yes

W NY- Yes

Asst Atlanta- Yes


Michigan Yes

Suff Chap No

N Indiana No

LA (Bruno, I think) Yes

NC Yes


Asst NC Yes

Lexington Yes

Suff CT Yes

Central Yes


Taiwant No

PB Yes

Mass Suff Yes

VT Yes


W TN- yes?

Atlanta Yes

Colombia No


Honduras No

C NY Yes

Europe Yes

CA Yes

MO Yes

W Kansas No

Wash Yes

Mass Suff Yes

Easton No

Iowa Yes

Puerto Yes

Nebraska Yes

Montana Yes

Texas Sff No

Colo Yes

NJ Yes

Milkwaukee No


NH Yes

Kansas Yes

W Texas No

Arizaona No???

Ohio Yes

N Dakota No

W NC Yes?

Olympia Yes

San Diego Yes

Virgin Islands- No?

W Texas Suff No

E Michigan Yes

Albany No

N Calif Yes

Suff Texas No

C PA Yes

Arkasas Yes

Newark Yes



Hawaii Yes

S Ohio Yes

Coadjutro VA No

Conneticut Yes

Nw PA No

Oklahoma No

Olympia Yes

El Camino Yes

Nevada Yes

Suff ALA No????


Chicago Yes

Asst NJ Yes

Maine Yes

Rochester Yes

Maryland yes

Dallas Suff No

Idaho Yes

Texas No

S VA Yes

NW Texas-????

99 yes 45 no 2 abstain passes House of Bishops.

Evening presser has begun. Hoping to have the roll call soon.

Ernie Bennet of Central Florida: The bishop of Ecuador Central was confirmed after passionate discussion about whether the process was fair.

Sally Johnson on Minnesota: The deputies passed Title Iv, based on nine years of work. very, very solid majority without amendment. This is a very big deal to clergy.

On to the questions.

Kim Lawton of PBS: what message does D025 send in US and around world.

Bishop Michael Smith: hesitating because exhausted. Have come straight from the floor. Hope people will understand we are struggling with a difficult issue. Hard to know what to do when people of two different minds. But we are staying together to work this out.

Bishop Stacy Sauls: That the Episcopal Church is serious about including all people and that when we say we welcome everybody we mean it. But that our Anglican partners will understand we are struggling to be faithful to them as well.

Bishop Sauls: The thing that I know about Anglicanism, which I am sure the Archbishop of Canterbury knows (per the question) that there is not a centralized authority. That’s one of the key things about Anglicanism.

Bishop Smith: there is a fundamental disconnect between our different understandings of what it means to be Anglican. Does autonomous mean independent or self-governing, but interdependent.

Bishop Sauls: this resolution doesn’t open the door for GLBT people to become bishops because the door has never been closed. B033 hasn’t changed, but it never had the power to prohibit. (My two cents, it was a reflection of a political reality, that given events in the Communion, a GLBT candidate simply wasn’t going to get confirmed. That may still be true, but an impediment to changing that reality has been removed. So now–horrors–we have to trust the judgment of our dioceses, bishops and standing committees to do the right thing.

Ian Douglas: I don’t think it is appropriate to look at D025 separate from the choices before the committee. Repeal? No. Re-state or strengthen the canons? no. say simply where we stand. Yes.

Sally Johnson: the version passed by the bishops will go back to the world mission committee of the house of deputies. The committee will recommend concur, defeat, further amend. It will be on our floor with all the options open to us.

Bishop Sauls: hopes D025 clarifies some of the misinterpretations of B033, which was never a moratorium but was portrayed as one, and, therefore, in some respects began to function as one.

Bishop Sauls again on a question about the response of the Archbishop of Canterbury, which, at least initially, has been negative. Says he isn’t sure the ABC knows what the resolution says.

Ian Douglas: He says that while the Archbishop of Canterbury’s initial public reaction was negative, there has been some communication with the ABC about what the resolution really means. Adds: In order to be in full communion we need to be honest. Honesty leads into communion and not a facile understanding of church relationships.

Ernie Bennett: remembers the nine clergy and their wardens who came to him as canon to the ordinary in Central Fla to say they were leaving. That hurt, so that is part of the reality, too.

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