Day: July 13, 2009

The bishops’ calendar

Updated: looks like the bishops will take up D025 in the near future, and depending on how long that takes, could get to C056 immediately

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Concurred: D045 Committee Member Transparency

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 76th General Convention direct that the membership of all committees, subcommittees, task forces, panels or other bodies elected or appointed by any body or leader throughout The Episcopal Church including, but not limited to, the House of Deputies, the House of Bishops, the Executive Council, Standing Commissions, Committees, Agencies and Boards of The Episcopal Church and their respective Presiding Officers and Chairs be publicly available within 30 days after election or appointment.

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Resolution C056 on same-sex blessings

Resolved, that the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, in consultation with the House of Bishops Theology Committee, collect and develop theological resources and liturgies of blessing for same-gender holy unions, to be presented to the 77th General Convention for formal consideration.

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Few dioceses respond to racisim resolutions

“The reality is that resolutions [on slavery] that passed in 2006 have elicited a paucity of response,” the Rev. Canon Ed Rodman told ENS. Members of the Social and Urban Affairs Committee are considering resolutions for GC 2009 which would extend and expand the Episcopal Church’s exploration of its role in the institution of slavery and its modern-day repercussions.

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Eyes on the Floor: The house reclaims solid ground

Just the same, I believe D025 did move us beyond B033 at a foundational level. D025 affirms the integrity of The Episcopal Church in our discernment processes and canonical structures – an integrity that had been undermined for three years by the urges and implied false choices that drove the passage of B033 in 2006.

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