Ancient Memory


I’ve always been drawn to water, its colors and textures, its shapes and sounds; from the roar of the ocean to the bright tranquility of a sun-sparkled creek, from the rush of a rainstorm to the seeming endlessness of a quiet sea. Its light and dark, its tranquil beauty and its mysterious depths. Its ability to take me to the stillness within, to ancient memory and half-remembered visions, from which my paintings emerge.


I express not specific physical landscapes/seascapes in my paintings, but rather a mystical geography, reminiscent of the seas and stars and desert expanses, and the stillness of those depths. And like time spent at the water’s edge, my work invites a response in kind – a deep observation and introspection.


Seen above (and front-page mastheads)—Art by Angela Rockett. Top/Front-Page Mastheads: “Cloister View” Middle: “Elemental” Bottom: “Twilight Silence”

Words above by Angela Rockett.

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