Anglican Consultative Council to consider Covenant

Two related items today from ENS on the Anglican Covenant drafting committee and the next meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council.

On the coming meeting of the ACC:

The Anglican Communion’s most representative legislative body — the Anglican Consultative Council — will consider two documents at its upcoming meeting that “are key to discerning a way forward for the Anglican Communion in light of recent stresses caused by differences over matters of human sexuality,” according to an April 3 news release from the Anglican Communion Office.

The two documents to be discussed by the ACC when it convenes May 1-13 in Kingston, Jamaica, are the proposed Anglican covenant and the Windsor Continuation Group’s final report that was made public during the early February meeting of the leaders, known as primates, of the communion’s provinces.

The latest draft of an Anglican covenant is expected to be released next week ahead of the ACC meeting. The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner, one of two Episcopal Church members on the Covenant Design Group, told ENS April 3 [this is the 2nd ENS item at the top], at the conclusion of the design group’s latest meeting, that it is “warmly commending this draft” to the ACC, which is the only communion body with the authority to ask the Anglican provinces to sign onto the covenant.

The Windsor Continuation Group has been charged with addressing questions arising from the 2004 Windsor Report, a document that recommended ways in which the Anglican Communion can maintain unity amid diversity of opinions, especially relating to human sexuality issues and theological interpretations. Its report calls for the development of a “pastoral council” and supported Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’ plan to appoint “pastoral visitors” to assist in healing and reconciliation within the communion.

The ACC meets every 2 to 3 years. This will be the 14th meeting since the inaugural meeting in 1971. More information — the program, document, etc. — on ACC-14 can be found here.

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