Day: April 3, 2009

Bishop in a box

The Bishop of Middleton, the Rt Rev Mark Davies, said prayers for an hour…in a window display at Nexus Art Cafe in the middle of Manchester, England.

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Anglican Consultative Council to consider Covenant

The two documents to be discussed by the ACC when it convenes May 1-13 in Kingston, Jamaica, are the proposed Anglican covenant and the Windsor Continuation Group’s final report that was made public during the early February meeting of the leaders, known as primates, of the communion’s provinces. The latest draft of an Anglican covenant is expected to be released next week ahead of the ACC meeting.

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ELCA Sexuality and Ministry reports released

The Task Force for ELCA Studies on Sexuality has released reports that will come before the 2009 Churchwide Assembly, August 17-23, 2009, in Minneapolis. If the four resolutions pass, it will effectively give Lutherans a local option as to same sex blessings and the ordination partnered gay ordinands.

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Earth Hour isn’t long enough

If Earth Hour happens only once a year, and for one hour, then it is a huge failure. Worse than that, the whole feel-good propaganda around it distracts many people from the serious danger the environment is in. It is almost like giving a placebo to a very sick patient. It is a medication that does nothing concrete, but takes away fears from people’s minds and allows them to go back to their daily environmental unfriendly activities, once the Earth Hour is over.

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The loving heart

Day by day, dear Lord, of you three things I pray: to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, follow you more nearly, day by day.

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