Bishop in a box

Is it news that a bishop of the Church of England prays? For a whole hour? Maybe it’s not news, but it may be art. The BBC reports:

The Bishop of Middleton, the Rt Rev Mark Davies, said prayers for an hour in a window display at Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester city centre.

The bishop is aiming to highlight to passers-by that there can be loneliness and isolation in urban areas.

The exhibition is part of a 40-day event organised by Sanctus1, a city centre Christian community.

Leader of the group, Rev Ben Edson, said the project was intended to remind people of Lent and the anonymity of a busy city life.

Works of Shakespeare

Mr Edson said: “The city can be a place where we feel like we’re in a glass box where all the action is happening around us and we’re just an invisible bystander.”

While in the window display, Bishop Davies was allowed the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare, a cushion and a lit candle as well as an object symbolising the focus of his prayer.

Other members of the clergy, the public and artists have also spent time locked in the glass display.

The first person entered the glass box on 4 March and the final person will enter the box on 12 April.

See it here. Story is found here.

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