Another group wants its own bishop

Forward in Faith North America, meeting June 19, reaffirmed their request for their own bishop for their constituency in the United States. Although Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria have ordained bishops for Anglican breakaway congregations in the United States, FIFNA wants their own bishop who will support their inability to accept the ordination of women as priests or bishops. The resolution is as follows:

A reaffirmation of the 2002 request that a bishop be consecrated for the constituency of FiFNA:

Whereas, the 2002 FIFNA Assembly passed two resolutions:

1. Called upon supportive Primates to nominate, elect, and consecrate (according to the canons of their province) one or more persons to serve as bishop(s) for our constituency, and

2. Recommended two priests we considered worthy of consideration for this ministry, the Reverend William Ilgenfritz and the Reverend David Moyer,

Be it resolved that this 2007 FIFNA Assembly reaffirm the recommendation of the Reverend William Ilgenfritz to orthodox Primates for consideration for consecration as bishop for our constituency.

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