Day: June 26, 2007

Virginia breakaway churches struggling

More than half of the breakaway churches associated with Bishop Martyn Minns and the Nigerian Church in North Amerca (CANA) can’t afford to give funds to the lawsuit with the Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church or have made no plans to do so.

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Prayers pay off

Offerings of gratitude make possible $2,430,342.46 in grants given around the world from Pakistan to Mississippi through the United Thank Offering.

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Be fruitful and teach your children well

For much of the 20th century the mainline fertility by age cohort was just over two, barely enough for zero growth. In contrast, conservative fertility in the early part of the century was almost one more child per woman; more recently it remains above but is nearly equal to mainline fertility.

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Desert solitude

Solitude is one of the defining features of the wilderness. When one is alone with God two distinct opportunities emerge. In the first place, one can be more attentive to the work of the Holy Spirit inside when freed a while from competing, outside concerns.

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