Diocese of Los Angeles wins appeal

Court records reveal that the Diocese of Los Angeles has won its case, on appeal, against St. James, Newport Beach, St. David’s, North Hollywood, All Saints, Long Beach and others. These churches were attempting to claim ownership of parish property although the Consitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church affirm that all property is held in trust for The Episcopal Church.

From a source in Los Angeles:

The Court of Appeals ruled in the case of the 3 churches which believed they could disaffiliate with the Diocese of Los Angeles and seek refuge from a diocese in Uganda. The Barker decision (from the 70’s – when the three parishes left over women’s ordination) was overturned. Along with a reversal of the earlier rulings made by Judge Velasquez, this means that Newport Beach (St. James) , North Hollywood (St. David’s) & Long Beach (All Saints) will be returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

Under the California Supreme Court cases… the right of the general church in this case to enforce a trust on the local parish property is clear, and that right has not been affected by intervening United States Supreme Court decisions or any statute enacted by the Legislature.

From the Appeal:


The judgments of dismissal against the diocese and the national church are both reversed. Further proceedings shall be consistent with this opinion. Appellants shall recover their costs on appeal.

The file in pdf is here. [Or here.]

Background on the case and more information on the decision can be found at Episcopal Life Online here.

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