Archbishop of York praises Nestlé for Fair Trade Kit Kat

The Archbishop of York welcomes the Nestlé introduction of its Fair Trade Kit Kat bar.

The Archbishop of York has praised Nestlé for “going beyond the profit margin” with the launch of its Fairtrade Kit Kat.

Dr John Sentamu witnessed the production of the first Fairtrade version of the chocolate biscuit bar at Nestlé’s factory in York.

The launch of the Fairtrade four finger bar follows calls from the Archbishop, members of the public and groups like Stop the Traffik for the ethical production of chocolate.

“It goes to show people can make a difference,” he said. “The fact that Nestlé have listened to local campaigners and invested considerable time, effort and financial support to make this Fairtrade biscuit a reality is fantastic news.”

Speaking of workers he visited on a cocoa co-operative in the Ivory Coast, he said the Fairtrade Kit Kat was a “step forward in giving them the justice, recognition and pay they deserve”.

He said the next step for the confectioner was to make all its other products Fairtrade, including his personal favourite, the Yorkie bar.

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