Day: December 10, 2009

UK LGBT Anglican Coalition warmly welcomes Glasspool election

The transparency of the Episcopal Church’s elections contrasts favourably with the still opaque processes by which Church of England bishops are appointed. The candour of the candidates about their personal lives and the maturity of the church they serve is a glowing example to the Church of England where such openness is not possible in the present climate of denial and double standards.

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I believe in the communion of saints

Because the three persons share equally in the properties that make God divine, God is communion. Indeed, God just is the three persons and the loving relationships among them. Christians also speak of holy communion. In this sacrament, God’s good gifts are freely and abundantly shared in the body and the blood of Jesus. These gifts both reconstitute and strengthen the Church, which God brings to birth in holy baptism.

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Are you what you say you are?

One could certainly ask whether it is really true that the Savior has kindled such a light in the world, whether we are not in complete darkness in spite of the Savior. Are there honest and upright people at all?

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