The ABC and the POTUS: two of a kind?

On the’s “God’s Politics” blog, LaVonne Neff compares the current resident of the White House with the current residence of Lambeth Palace. After expressing her admiration for Obama and Williams, she asks two important questions.

The Archbishop and the President’s Common Problem

In God’s Politics Blog, by LaVonne Neff

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

–William Butler Yeats, from “The Second Coming”

Two of the best people in public life today — in my humble opinion — are the president of the United States and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Both are intelligent, thoughtful, well-read men who care deeply about justice, not only for themselves and their immediate constituents, but for the whole world. Both are complex thinkers who understand that every issue has many aspects. Both practice empathy: they see value in their opponents as well as in their adherents, and they dream of finding common ground, reconciling adversaries, and creating peace on earth.

. . .

The question is, can they do their jobs if they continue to be simultaneously irenic and visionary? Or does a public figure eventually need to draw a line in the sand, even though a lot of people will end up on the other side of the line?

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