Armstrong presentment progresses

Some news this morning regarding the presentment now filed by the Diocese of Colorado against the Rev. Don Armstrong:

“The Rev. Donald Armstrong was officially ‘served’ by the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, according to diocesan sources, notifying him that his case would be tried by an Episcopal Court. Armstrong apparently has until May 10 to respond, but we’re still a long way from seeing even this chapter through: According to diocsesan sources, a trial date might not be set for another three months.

Whether Armstrong shows up to such a trial is another matter. Armstrong is now a priest in the Convocation of Anglicans in North America — an organization connected with the province of Nigeria — and doesn’t consider himself to be under the diocese’s authority at all anymore.

Alan Crippen, spokesman for Armstrong and Grace CANA, said Armstrong hasn’t actually received any notice from the diocese yet. But, if he had been, Crippen added, ‘it would be about as relevant as the Presbyterian Church serving him.He’s not under their jurisdiction.’ It seems likely that, if Armstrong speaks in any court, it’ll be a secular one, not ecclesiastical.

Read the rest here: Faith at Altitude: Armstrong Served

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