Day: April 27, 2007

Bishop Robert Wolterstorff has died

The Right Rev. Robert M. Wolterstorff, who became the first bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego when it was carved out of the sprawling Los Angeles diocese in 1974, has died. He was 92.

Wolterstorff was known for his optimism, his steadfast faith and values.

“The combination of those made him an inspirational leader,” said Susan Mallory, a local bank president, who had known him since 1957. “He was a unifier.”

Wolterstorff’s tenure as bishop also was marked by controversy.

The Episcopal Church voted to ordain women as priests in 1976, but Wolterstorff held fast to his belief that only men should be ordained.

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To lead in hard times

Some time ago, I was conversing online with a friend and made the comment, “A weak leader is much more dangerous than no leader.” The focus of the discussion was on the current resident of Lambeth Palace. Responding to her questioning, I said that with no leadership we have at least the possibility that an effective leader may emerge; with a weak leader, we have an even stronger possibility that the Communion will be led into chaos and destruction.

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ABC’s sabbatical topic: Dostoevsky

During his summer sabbatical at Georgetown the Archbishop of Canterbury will be studying Dostoevsky.

The sabbatical topic was revealed in the Spy column of today’s Telegraph under the heading “Glutton for Punishment.”

Williams says, “Dostoevsky would say ethics is not about good and evil, it’s about truth and falsehood, reality and illusion. The right way to live doesn’t amount to a series of approved actions.”

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Conserving a vision

Of course the Church is conservative for it has so much to conserve. But let it conserve a vision of the world’s destiny and not

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