Asian Anglican Archbishop to Speak in Dallas

The Dallas Morning News reports that recently retired Anglican Archbishop of Southeast Asia Yong Ping Chung will speak next Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Church of The Holy Communion in Dallas TX.

From the congregation’s announcement:

“The Archbishop’s topic will be, ‘Recover the Vision’, how Anglicans in North America can return to Jesus’ Great Commission to spread His Word. His Grace will share the dynamic of the Global South of the Anglican Communion that has made this part of Anglicanism one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

The Archbishop remains one of the most influential Anglican leaders in the traditional and devout Global South of the eighty million member worldwide Anglican Communion. An outspoken proponent of biblical and orthodox Anglicanism, he is known as an ‘Asian Tiger for Jesus Christ’. He has described much of the Anglican leadership in the West as ‘spiritually bankrupt’, believing the correction is a return to true commitment to Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.

Church of the Holy Communion is affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.”

Read the rest here: Dallas Morning News (Religion staff): Asian archbishop to speak in Dallas

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