Around One Table

The results of a major new study were announced yesterday regarding the perceived identity of the people of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Identity Project study represent four years worth of data gathering about how Episcopalians understand their Church, what matters to them and how they relate that to the larger world.

The Episcopal Church Center has launched a new mini site filled with resources generated from the report, tools for discussing the results and suggestions for ways parishes might be able to continue the conversation.

“Around One Table is an invitation into a conversation. It’s a conversation about who we are as Episcopalians — our identity, our wellness, our mission — and how our sense of identity is expressed through our lives and the call we explore in ministry.

Around One Table is a conversation that has already begun but is far from over. The 23 themes of Episcopal identity emerged through a four-year study called the Episcopal Identity Project. Do you find yourself and your core values among these themes of Episcopal identity? We’d like to know.”

See it all here.

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