Author: Leslie Scoopmire

Filled with Light

“She searches for her own “tree with the lights in it,” what the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins described as “kingfishers catching fire,” to see beneath the recognition of objects as objects and instead to behold the spark within all creation.”

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The Power of Grace

“The power of this gospel reading is found in its promise of abundance at the very end: if we live a generous life toward others, we ourselves will find an abundance beyond measure, so much that it spills out of our cupped hands and into our laps.”

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Being Where Jesus Is

“Freedom, release, contentment, jubilee. These are the gifts God gives to those who allow themselves to trust in God, rather than trust in the working of the human will.”

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Morning By Morning New Mercies

“It is as if the Holy Spirit hangs lovingly overhead, gazing in all directions in protection and care. All that I need in this moment is right here: peace and beauty and the mercy of a fresh snow making all things new in this moment.”

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Believing in God’s Belief in Us

“Most of us no longer believe that bad things happen to us as a punishment from God. God values us as we are—and too often we find that idea the unbelievable one. How often do we fail to believe in ourselves? How often do we fail to believe that God is calling us?”

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One Body, Many Members

“Remember also, that we celebrate being Christ’s unified body each time we partake of Communion. He states that God distributes gifts as God will, but urges us to ‘strive’ for the ‘greater gifts.’ What are the ‘greater gifts?'”

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Being Enough

“Isn’t that where the miracle is? Jesus enters with us in our struggles just like he showed up at that small town wedding, assuring us that, yes, there IS enough.”

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The Tenderness of the Creator

“Faith is not a box on a checklist. The point of faith is not primarily knowledge or mastery. The point of faith is relationship—to be specific, to accept the unimaginable truth that God loves us fiercely, tenderly, protectively, intimately as our Creator.”

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Jesus: The Missing Years

“I also think we see a relatable, human side of Mary, who too often is depicted as either a bloodless doll or who too often becomes nameless, selfless, only viewed through the prism of whose mother she is. She is relieved, and she is frustrated—and rightly so.”

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Sing Out, O Earth!

“Sing out, O Earth—
Gathering yourself beneath the blanket of snow
With the promise of green ready to spring forth 
Like a panther after its prey
Sending winds to set the dogwood blossoms dancing …”

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