Botswana and West Missouri: companions in mission

Anglicans in Botswana have some new companions in west Missouri according to the Springfield, MO News-Leader. Anglican Bishop Trevor Mwamba has traveled around west Missouri, visiting Episcopalians who have opted to establish a companion link with their co-religionists in the African nation. The relationship will not only link the Diocese of West Missouri with Botswana, it will pair up churches in both places. “When I can face you face-to-face, I know you,” Mwamba said. “This will strengthen the bonds of affection within God’s … family, fellow Christians in the faith.”

Areas of mutual interest between the two churches include health care and children. The Serowe church is working to open a preschool, and the Bolivar church is working on a countywide project to establish a crisis nursery. Both churches are also interested in hospice care.

“It’s very important that we get down to the nitty gritty, the grass roots,” Mwamba said of the work between parishes.

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