Day: November 6, 2007

Sexual abuse is a crime, not an affair

I’m speaking from sad experience when I say that the children may never be able to free themselves from the terrible sense that somehow they must have made a choice, that somehow they had to have invited it, that somehow they should have been able to prevent it or stop it, until we are willing to call it what is — child sexual abuse.

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To et or not to et

No one can say, “It says in the Scripture,” to ground any policy, all we can say is, “My community says this,” says Rabbi Steven Greenburg, who tackles the most common religious rationales forbidding same-sex relationships.

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Fears of Christians in Pakistan

Churches now fear that the state of emergency declared in Pakistan will be exploited by those who wish to carry out more attacks on the minority Christian community

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Outsiders and insiders

Joel Connelly, of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and a member of St. Augustine’s in the Woods on Whidbey Island in Washington state, writes about being a delegate to the convention of the Diocese of Olympia (western Washington). He raises the issue of the voting power of large cities in a diocese of small towns.

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Finding the key to unity in South Carolina

South Carolina Bishop Ed Salmon spoke during the day-long gathering and participated in a question-and-answer panel that closed the day. Forum President Lynn Pagliaro read the letter of greeting from Lawrence in which the bishop-elect said in part that it was his “firm conviction that in Christ’s reconciling work we shall find the key to our unity.”

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William Temple

Christianity and Social Order, published in 1942, was Temple’s last and perhaps his most provocative book, in which he articulated the principles which had guided his political activity and challenged many popular assumptions. The church is not a department of life concerned only with personal beliefs and devotional practices, he wrote.

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Concerned Canadian bishops

…several bishops said serious concerns were raised about the activities of retired bishop Don Harvey, of the diocese of eastern Newfoundland and Labrador. He has participated in irregular consecrations of bishops who intend to minister to conservatives in the U.S.

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