Fears of Christians in Pakistan

Ekklesia is reporting that Pakistani Christians are expressing concern about the public order situation in their country, and the security of minorities, following President Pervez Musharraf’s widely criticised suspension of consitutional government and his declaration of a state of emergency over the weekend.

The General’s move, which has embarrassed his Western allies and outraged democracy and human rights advocates, comes ahead of a Supreme Court decision on whether to overturn his recent election victory. The signs are that Musharraf, and his 20 per cent poll righting is likely now to slip to single figures.

“This move is not about law and order primarily, it is about Musharraf’s desperate attempt to survive politically”, a leading analyst, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons,told Ekklesia. The army loyal to General Musharraf has been arresting lawyers, opponents and civil society advocates in a widespread clampdown.

There are signs of public protest, but widespread fear. Churches now fear that the situation will be exploited by those who wish to carry out more attacks on the minority Christian community.

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