Breakaway parish sued in Wisconsin

Bishop Steven Miller has announced that the Diocese of Milwaukee has decided to sue the congregation of St. Edmund’s Church in Elk Grove to return it’s church property to the diocese after voting to leave the Episcopal Church late last year.

From the article in the Living Church:

“Sadly, the diocese is now in the position where it will be necessary to seek other remedies to address this situation and recover diocesan assets,” Bishop Miller wrote. “This is particularly disheartening to me as the apostle clearly reminds us that God is not glorified when we go against one another in courts of law.”

Several members of the congregation contacted by The Living Church said the congregation would not voluntarily relinquish the keys to the property without a court order, but they declined to give their names because they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the congregation.

According to the article, Bishop Miller said that he was “saddened by the decision made by some members of St. Edmund’s to “disaffiliate from a diocese where their theological convictions are respected.””

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