Day: January 9, 2009

Christans and Living Wills

An article by one of our regular contributors here at the Cafe, discusses the moral questions a Christian might encounter in drawing up a living

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Rick Warren offers a home to conservative Anglicans

Pastor Rick Warren has offered to allow any Anglican group that might lose access to worship space as a result of the recent ruling in California in favor the Episcopal Church, to have the use of the campus at Saddleback Church in Orange County.

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Implications of the California ruling

Now that the California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Episcopal Church, what sort of ramifications will the ruling have on the ongoing dispute between Provinces of the Anglican Communion? An article in US News and World Report argues that they will be significant.

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Incarnation and Suffering

A longtime member of the congregation, active for years in many causes for justice began to speak and to weep. “Where is God?” she asked. “Where is God in the lives of children whose bodies are distorted by hunger? It is easy to feel that God is here when I am holding my well fed grandchildren in my arms. But there…” She found it hard to continue.

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A legacy of thanksgiving

If we are lucky, once or twice in a lifetime we might experience an example of thanksgiving so deep, so wide, that we can recall it and use it to move ourselves away from the sense of scarcity that the world embraces and move us to the sense of the abundant life which Christ promises us.

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