Breaking III: Integrity publishes CP/ACI draft document

From Integrity’s statement:

We have been given a look at ’the men behind the curtain’ manipulating a schism driven agenda while professing to work transparently for reconciliation”, said Integrity President Susan Russell. “To quote one long-time ally’s response to these documents, ‘This is stunning. It is remarkable to think about the plotting that is going on. In many ways I am just too naïve.’”

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“This statement – and the email trail leading up to its creation – should be required reading for all who will be making decisions in good faith at our upcoming General Convention,” said Russell. “We cannot afford to be naïve about the forces working to divide this church and distract it from its call to live out the gospel in the world. And we must not accept the false choice between unity and justice being presented by the very people working behind the scenes to create disunity and foment schism.”

Read all of Integrity’s statement.

The Communion Partners/Anglican Communion Institute document is here. According to Mark Harris the main author is Mark McCall, Esq. Here is one key assertion:

The Episcopal Church is a federation (or confederation) of independent, or better, autonomous, dioceses.

We refer readers to the dissertation of James Allen (Jim) Dator, Professor, The Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America: Confederal, Federal, or Unitary? accepted by the Faculty of the Graduate School (School of Government) of The American University, Washington, DC, in 1959 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The complete dissertation is here (a scan of an onion skin copy). He summarized his findings in 2004. One quote:

There has never been anything in the Constitution of the Church which allowed, or reasonably could be inferred to allow, a diocese either to nullify acts of General Convention or to secede from the Church against General Convention’s will, either to become an independent Church itself or to join with other dioceses to form a separate Church, or to unite with an existing church.

Read that summary here. McCall is aware of Dator’s argument, but dismisses it.

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