Bringing Light


Then what shall we say of our place in the universe? It seems fair to say no more than this: the One strives to evolve itself into ever more complex, advanced, and conscious forms of existence, whether these exist only here or in another manner in other worlds as well.


Our religious understanding of evolution means that the divine energy is ever reaching forward and upward, in whatever halting, multiple, and spiraling ways, toward more sophisticated and complex levels of development.


…insofar as we understand things, it is we humans alone on this planet who are able to conceive, and thus respond consciously, to the inner force that pulses through us and all being.

Seen on front-page mastheads: Oriental Lanterns (details). Seen above, from top: Peace; Happy Times; and Happy Days. All images by Diane Leonard.

Words by Arthur Green in “Seek My Face: A Jewish Mystical Theology.”

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