Cameron: how do we make things stick?

Today Bishop Gregory Cameron conducted a 20 minute press briefing on the Windsor Continuation Report and answered questions.

ENS’s Mary Frances Schjonberg writes:

Cameron continues to make covenant, Windsor case

During a briefing for reporters, Welsh Diocese of St. Asaph Bishop Gregory Cameron, who is filling out his role as deputy secretary general of the Anglican Communion until the end of the ACC meeting, said that “churches are saying [that] we are no longer sure that we can recognize authentic Christian discipleship in other churches” in the communion.

The subsequent questioning of the effectiveness of the communion’s structures is “far deeper and more critical” than it was in past times of tension, he said.

Because “there’s no agreed understanding of what the genius or spirit of Anglicanism is,” Cameron said, the communion is “having to do a re-think about basics.”

The Anglican Journal also covered the briefing.

Video of the 20 minute briefing is here. He said that with regard to the ecclesial deficit he would put things differently than the Archbishop of Canterbury. Among the basics in Cameron’s mind are the authority of the instruments of Communion, and how “we make things stick.”

Speaking of teflon, Schjonberg has a separate article on the ACC’s call for renewal of the listening process. Colin Coward also writes about the listening process. And the not listening process.

And finally, Suzanne Lawson, the lay representative from Canada reports that the proposal to involve all of the Primates in the meetings of the ACC has died a well-deserved death.

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