Day: May 6, 2009

Cameron: how do we make things stick?

During a briefing for reporters, Welsh Diocese of St. Asaph Bishop Gregory Cameron, who is filling out his role as deputy secretary general of the Anglican Communion until the end of the ACC meeting, said that “churches are saying [that] we are no longer sure that we can recognize authentic Christian discipleship in other churches” in the communion.

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From bowling alone to churching alone?

Putnam, author of the book “Bowling Alone,” which tracked the decline in civic and community engagement in America (exemplified by the diminution of bowling leagues), fears the reduction in religiosity could have widespread negative impacts. His research shows that people who go to church are much more likely to vote, volunteer and give to charity.

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Northern Michigan’s Standing Committee writes counterparts

“We have enclosed a letter from Kevin Thew Forrester, “Approaching the Heart of Faith,” in which he speaks for himself to several of the key issues that have been raised during the consent process. … We ask that you read, reflect on, and consider his words. His address to you is significantly more than a sound bite or a blog bite.” – Northern Michigan Standing Committee

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Maine becomes 5th state where same-sex marriage is legal

Gov. John Baldacci of Maine on Wednesday signed the same-sex marriage bill, saying he had reversed his position on such marriages after deciding it was a matter of equal protection. The law would normally go into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns, which is usually in late June. But opponents have vowed to pursue a “people’s veto” to ask voters if they want to overturn the law.

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Question 11 answered

Traditionally, Anglicans have asserted the ecclesial character of the national Church as the privileged unit of ecclesiastical life. … If, however, the canons and constitutions of a Province permit, there is no reason why a diocesan synod should not commit itself to the covenant, thus strengthening its commitment to the interdependent life of the Communion.

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The Christian response to a pandemic

The collect or opening prayer at Episcopal Sunday services asks God to “grant that when we hear his voice we may know him who calls us each by name, and follow where he leads.” Where are we led in the face of such paralyzing fear, illness or even death? We have some examples.

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Being good shepherds

Leadership never happens in a vacuum, but among specific individuals in a particular context, which means we need to relate to them. Building these relationships is like building capital we can draw on when we want to challenge people to move forward in some new ways. If we do not take the time to make these connections, any changes we institute will be short-lived and will certainly not last beyond our tenure.

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