Northern Michigan’s Standing Committee writes counterparts

The standing committee of Northern Michigan has written the standing committees of all other dioceses. In its letter the committee says,

What we were not prepared for was the questioning of the bishop-elect that began with Kevin’s use of meditation as a spiritual tool to deepen his own Christian life and progressed to questions about his use of liturgy and even his theology. Fueled by bloggers with misinformation and untruths, some of the “church” press began to publish material questioning all aspects of the election and our choice of bishop.

We have enclosed a letter from Kevin Thew Forrester, “Approaching the Heart of Faith,” in which he speaks for himself to several of the key issues that have been raised during the consent process. These issues transcend our particular consent process and raise the question as to what kind of community we will be as The Episcopal Church. We ask that you read, reflect on, and consider his words. His address to you is significantly more than a sound bite or a blog bite.

Read the letter here. Forrester’s “Approaching the Heart of Faith” is here (9 pages).

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