Catching up with the Wild Goose Festival

We didn’t really know enough about the recent Wild Goose Festival to attempt to make sense of it for you. But thanks to the Odyssey Networks we can let the festival speak for itself. Here is a brief description of the enterprise, followed by a video. What do you make of it?

Modeled after the nearly 40-year-old annual Greenbelt Festival in England, The Wild Goose Festival, recently held in Shakori Hills, N.C., was described by organizers as a opportunity for followers of Jesus to celebrate justice, spirituality, music and the arts. The festival, though, was open to all, regardless of belief, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, denomination or religious affiliation. “What we all share is this sense that there is this spiritual dimension to life that we want to live from and and work from,” Brian McLaren, a pastor and one of the festival organizers.”Secondly, we’re all interested in issues of justice and the common good. My little summary for is it that we’re concerned about poverty, the planet and peace. And I think we all share the sense that the arts play a key role in this.

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