Day: July 15, 2011

The social media imperative

Make sure the person who handles communication in your church loves social media… Church communication is shifting from handouts and phone trees to online, and the person responsible for communicating what’s going on in your church needs to passionate about both — recognizing it’s not an either/or as much as a both/and.

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The problem with preaching

Laypeople come to church hoping for a sermon that will make a difference in their hearts and an impact on their lives. Unfortunately too often they spend the sermon passing their time by doling out lifesavers to their children, doodling on the bulletin insert or making a mental “to do” list for the upcoming week

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Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Over at The Awl, Sarah Blackwood has written a perceptive ode to Friday Night Lights, which veteran Cafe readers know is a favorite of ours. The show signs off tonight at 8 p. m., after five under-appreciated seasons as the best show on network television.

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A bloggers’ debate: Should Rowan Williams resign?

How about the idea, instead, that Rowan Williams is relying on the liberal wing and the LGBT folks on continually turning the other cheek and ‘not excluding him’ so that he can actively build up his vision of a purple-led international Church with a more literalistic reading of the Bible than you would find in most seminaries never mind universities?

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Catching up with the Wild Goose Festival

We didn’t really know enough about the recent Wild Goose Festival to attempt to make sense of it for you. But on what is likely to be a slow summer Friday sort of news day, we thought we’d let the festival speak for itself.

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Desperate measures

Bill, my best friend in seminary, enjoyed playing the organ. It was a form of relaxation and refreshment for him, and occasionally he would substitute in our seminary chapel worship when the regular organist was away…

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