The social media imperative

Off the Agenda, a blog devoted to building church leaders presents an interview with Margaret Feinberg on why it is imperative for churches to develop strong presences in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A key excerpt:

2. What is the biggest stumbling block for church when it comes to using social media as a viable communication tool?

I think the biggest stumbling block is simply buying into the myth that engaging in social media is somehow optional for the church today. It’s a requirement. I have friends who I can call repeatedly without response, but when I message them on Facebook I receive a response in less than three minutes. The way people engage in conversations, commit to attend a gathering, and share their lives is changing — and the church must be at the forefront.

3. What are the top 3 suggestions you have for church communicators to get over this hurdle?

First, make sure the person who handles communication in your church loves social media. If the person you’re considering for the role hears the word “Mac” and thinks of a quarter pounder with fries, you’re not choosing wisely. Church communication is shifting from handouts and phone trees to online, and the person responsible for communicating what’s going on in your church needs to passionate about both — recognizing it’s not an either/or as much as a both/and.

How is your church doing on the social media front?

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