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Bishop of Arizona addresses anti-Semitism in Holy Week

Recently, in an online e-pistle, the Rt Rev Jennifer Reddall, bishop of Arizona asked congregations to consider the church’s history of anti-Semitic practices in their planning for Holy Week, including suggesting alternatives to any congregations that might have considered a “Christian” Seder.

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Spiritual abuse allegations in another ACNA diocese

Several survivors in the ACNA Diocese of Christ Our Hope are alleging wrongful behavior by the rector of Church of the Resurrection in Washington, DC, and mishandling of the allegations by the bishop of the diocese. The Anglican Church in North America, or ACNA, is an amalgamation of groups that broke away from The Episcopal Church over the issue of homosexuality.

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From a priest: a political statement about Ukraine

What can we do, directly, to address the agonizing violence in Ukraine? We can pay attention to what we do have control over; we can pay attention to our local elections. We can find, and support, persons of good will and good faith and good character. We can find, and support, people of established virtue, people with records of virtue and wisdom and peace. We can support the people of peace, wherever they are. – Sam Candler, Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta

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District of Columbia’s newest mega-church

The District’s newest megachurch doesn’t have a smoke machine, praise band or rock concert-style musical numbers. But livestreaming daily prayer services and Sunday worship has allowed the Washington National Cathedral to attract 30,000 weekly worshippers online, nearly 10 times its sanctuary’s seating capacity.

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Lay employee terminated over credible allegations of child abuse

“It grieves me to tell you that several months ago, we were contacted by someone who reported that he had been sexually abused as a child by Mr. Thomas Whittemore during the time Mr. Whittemore served as the director of music at St. Peter’s Church, Pine St., Philadelphia. At the time we received the report, Mr. Whittemore was employed by a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.” – The Rt. Reverend Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez, XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

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