Cathedral invites people into a new rhythm with traditional music

Trinity Cathedral in Miami Florida is finding that classical Anglican music sung in its traditional setting is just the thing for people who are rushing past its doors.

Speaking of the Anglican Chorale, the only group performing such music regularly in Southern Florida, the director points out:

“”In today’s world, things are so immediate,” Steynor said, “but music practice still takes the same amount of time. I guess people’s patience is diminishing, and so achieving something that’s worthy of a true cathedral Evensong is getting more and more tricky.”

These are times when religious institutions are moving toward more contemporary music. Just this past Memorial Day, there was a gospel hip-hop concert in Miramar. Organs and harps are being traded for drums and guitars and theatrical numbers.

Anglican music itself is very detailed and requires intense focus. Practice begins and the chatter of modern life fades into lessons on enunciation.”

Read the full article here.

There is something ethereally beautiful about our historic music. Perhaps its time the church was more intentional about sharing it.

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