Chilean Anglicans offer aid

The Anglican Church in Chile is responding to the urgent needs of those affected by the recent Chilean earthquake:

Chilean Anglicans mobilize efforts to serve isolated communities following quake

From Episcopal Life Online

The Anglican Diocese of Chile is responding to the urgent needs of its members after a magnitude-8.8 earthquake devastated parts of central Chile on Feb. 28, claiming almost 800 lives and affecting nearly two million people.

In a letter to the diocese, Chile Bishop Héctor Zavala reported that the general situation of the church is good. “There has been no loss of life, although there is some structural damage to buildings which will need to be repaired during the second stage of recovery,” he said.

But the region most affected is Concepción, Chile’s second largest city located 71 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter, where many of the 500,000 inhabitants are without basic supplies.

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