Day: March 4, 2010

+Chane: Priests may preside at civil marriages in DC

“I hope that these pastoral guidelines will be helpful to the clergy that I serve as bishop,” Chane wrote. “In the matter of how to engage or not engage in performing, witnessing and blessing same-sex marriages within the District, I respect the pastoral judgment and decisions of the clergy under my pastoral oversight.” ~~ The Rt. Rev. John B. Chane

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Glasspool needs one more Standing Committee consent

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Los Angeles reported March 3 that within the last 57 days it has received 55 of the majority of 56 consents needed to the Dec. 5 election of the Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool as a bishop suffragan of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

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The smiles of his Saviour

When Occum left the Island, another Indian, Peter John, became a faithful native preacher to his brethren. He ministered among them until his grandson, the Rev. Paul Cuffee, entered the sacred calling. He was the second of seven sons of Peter Cuffee, an Indian of the Shinnecock tribe, and born in Brookhaven, in 1757. He embraced Christianity in 1778-9, and made Canoe Place his home where he lived. His mother was of African descent, and very pious.

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The wages of fear II

Fear undercuts friendship. Fear makes us xenophobic, anti-Islamic, anti-Republican (or anti-Democrat). Fear exults in the sloppy labels we paste on our enemies – Socialist! Fascist! Revisionist! Fundamentalist!

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