Clamor for new diocese in Nigeria

The Daily Sun reports:

The Anglican Diocese on the Niger may have been thrown into a deep crisis over the creation of more dioceses out of the existing Niger Diocese.

At a Press conference recently at Obosi, Nkemena and Offor, chairman and secretary of the Committee for the Creation of Obosi Diocese out of the Niger Diocese, said that the Anglican community in Obosi, Oba, Nkpor, Ojoto, Awada, Ugwuagba, Umuoji and Akwu-Ukwu had in 2003 applied for the creation of Obosi Diocese or whatever name it may be called.

Also, Sir G. A. Nwokolo, the spokesman of the committee, accused the bishop on the Niger “of blocking the creation of Obosi Diocese to pave way for the creation of Ubiaja Diocese which will have Awka-Etiti, the bishop’s home town, as the headquarters with Obosi as part of the diocese”.

The committee for the proposed diocese consequently in a letter to the Primate of Anglican Communion, the Most Rev Peter Akinola, dated July 24, 2007, requested that they should henceforth, from the date of the letter, be administered directly by the primate, since they wished to cease to have any further relationship with the Diocese on the Niger.

Referring to the agitation for the creation of Obosi Diocese, the [Chancellor of the Diocese on the Niger] made it categorically clear that no diocese would be created in an atmosphere of rancour and bitterness, adding that the recent press statements on the issue lacked merit and at the same time violated the constitution of the Church of Nigeria .

Also speaking, the Chairman of the committee looking into the possibility of creating a new diocese out of Niger Diocese, Justice Peter Obiora, emphasized that any diocese to be created out of the existing one should promote peace and unity of the church and should not be designed to satisfy the whims and caprices of a few individuals in a community.

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