Day: January 30, 2008

Jensen brothers encounter the director of the Tallis Singers

I think that God is beautiful, and can be approached – best approached – by mortal men through beauty. Any sort of beauty. My experience is that good music takes people nearer to God than anything else, and quicker. It happens just like that, you feel him, right there. The fact that the Dean and the Archbishop of Sydney are brothers makes the situation for lovers of good music at Sydney’s Anglican Cathedral especially unfortunate.

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Letter is a “signal”

The Rev. Dr. James Simons said the group’s letter was meant to signal the Presiding Bishop that there are people in the diocese who would like to be involved in and would support any talks she might have with those who want to remain in the church. “We are rectors and clergy in good standing of the Diocese of Pittsburgh who believe the best way forward for renewal and reformation of the Episcopal Church is support for the Windsor Report and its recommendations” the letter reads.

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Putting “Anglican” in quotation

While people can call themselves anything they like, the only true “Anglicans” are those in full communion with Canterbury. The Anglican Mission in the Americas, the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, the Reformed Episcopal Church, the Charismatic Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Episcopal Church, the Anglican Province in America, and so on…are NOT.
– The Rt. Rev. John W. Howe

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Clamor for new diocese in Nigeria

The Chancellor of the Diocese on the Niger made it clear that no diocese would be created in an atmosphere of rancour and bitterness, adding that the recent press statements on the issue violated the constitution of the Church of Nigeria. The Chairman of the committee looking into the possibility of creating a new diocese emphasized that any diocese to be created out of the existing one should promote peace and unity of the church.

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Rift amongst conservative Episcopalians is showing

In the first public sign of disagreement among theologically conservative clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh over the leadership of Bishop Robert W. Duncan Jr., 12 such rectors and priests told him this week they disapprove of his effort to remove the diocese from the Episcopal Church and will, instead, remain with the denomination.

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Bush’s visit to Jericho

President Bush followed his last State of the Union address with a visit to Jericho, a program in East Baltimore that helps former inmates find jobs and reenter society that is run by Episcopal Church Social Services. The president used the visit to highlight his program of faith-based social services. He also spoke bluntly about his own struggles with alcohol addiction.

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The Diversity of Pauline Traditions

It took four centuries for the writings that make up the New Testament to be identified as canonical, that is as authoritative. If we want to understand the period of Christian Origins from an historical perspective, then we will do well to know about and even read some of these texts preserved or subsequently excluded by our ancestors in the Christian tradition.

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Humbly I adore thee

Humbly I adore thee, Verity unseen,

Who thy glory hidest ’neath these shadows mean;

Lo, to thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed,

Tranced as it beholds thee, shrined within the cloud.

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