Commission has denied Heather Cook parole

Heather Cook was the Suffragan Bishop of Maryland at the time of the vehicular collision which killed Thomas Palermo, a cyclist, in December 2014. She eventually plead guilty and was convicted of vehicular homicide and other charges related to drink driving, distracted driving, and leaving the scene of an accident in October 2015. In May 2015, she had resigned her position in the Diocese of Maryland and reached an Accord with the Presiding Bishop which removed her authority to function as an ordained minister of the church.

This morning’s parole hearing was to determine Cook’s eligibility for release this July, 25% of the way through her 7-year sentence. But Baltimore local news is reporting that the Commission has denied the application for parole.

According to Baltimore CBSlocal,

Heather Cook spoke extensively during the hearing, but showed no remorse and did not apologize to the victim or his family, according to the chair of the parole board.

The commission did not take long to deliberate, and decided to deny parole because she fled the scene, this was her second DUI, and she showed no remorse. This ruling cannot be appealed.

This story will be updated if further details are released.


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