Do Not Fear


Those who were

my enemies without cause

have hunted me

like a bird;

they flung me

alive into a pit

and hurled

stones on me;

water closed

over my head;

I said, “I am


I called on

your name, O Lord,

from the depths

of the pit;

you heard my

plea, “Do not close your ear

to my cry for

help, but give me relief!”

You came near

when I called on you;

you said, “Do

not fear!”

You have taken

up my cause, O Lord,

you have redeemed my life. 

(Lamentations 3:52-58)

Fear drowns

hearts and minds

Building walls

against the sun.

Seen above (and on home-page mastheads): “Darkness of Chartres West Portal” by Gerard di Falco.

Readings are from Streams of Mercy: a meditative commentary on the Bible by Ann Kristin Haldors Fontaine (used with permission of the author).

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