Doyle Pectoral Cross


DOYLE PECTORAL CROSS – in process – Rough Gold Casting with InLaid Stones

Nancy Denmark is a jewelry artist working near Houston, Texas. Recently she was commissioned to create a pectoral cross for Bishop-elect C. Andrew Doyle, the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Denmark has created a visual documentary of the work process to create the Doyle Pectoral Cross on her website, Each step is described through a gallery of photos that provide larger views and include explanations of Denmark’s process and the symbols she designs into her precious metalwork.

On View: DOYLE PECTORAL CROSS, rough gold casting with inlaid stones by Nancy Denmark, jewelry artist.

About the Artist: Nancy Denmark is a founding member of the Texas Chapter of Episcopal Chruch and Visual Arts. She writes, “I am primarily a jewelry artist, but in recent years I have been taking a few leaps out of my normal realm of metal jewelry making. As an artist, I try to remain open, willing, always listening and discerning how I am being called to use the gifts I have been given, remaining open to where I may be led to explore, stretching my creativity into new areas.”

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