Day: October 28, 2008

God is my BFF

Whether one embraces, challenges, or rejects the use of digitized sacred texts and the technology used to support them, they are here to stay. Some will see digitized texts as “the same as it ever was,” simply delivered via a new medium, and preserved for future readers. Others wish to restrict the digital multiplication of these texts, seeing accessibility as a threat to traditional religious authority.

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Tutu raps

Sunday, November 16, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London will host a world premiere of The Cry: A Requiem for the Lost Child to benefit the

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All the lonely people….

Every year thousands of recently deceased people are buried not by their loved ones, but by their local council – often because they have no

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CT diocese implores bishop to allow same sex marriages

“For reasons, perhaps known only to God, I believe we, in the diocese of Montreal, are among those who have been called by God to speak with a prophetic voice,” he said. “It is our voice that is called to affirm that all people are loved, valued and precious before God and the Church. It is our voice that is called to affirm that all unions of faithful love and life-long commitment are worthy of God’s blessing and a means of God’s grace.

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Survey of American global impact

A new survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc. for WNET’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly and the United Nations Foundation says that Americans who routinely attend worship have a divided view of America’s impact on the world.

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Follow me

O Lord Jesus our God,

Who called people from their daily work

Saying to them, ‘Come ye after me’,

May your children today hear your voice

And gladly answer your call

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Real Americans. Real Christians.

I wish that we in the Episcopal Church were just a bit bolder about what it is that we do believe; that we could put out our message with more fervor and enthusiasm. For example, I believe that we have allowed those who are outside our church to define us, usually negatively. What if we spoke with more clarity about our dedication to our baptismal covenant, and about our belief in the creeds?

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