Ever Expanding Horizons


My lifelong desire has been to create art that sends a message of joy to the viewer, as well as the spirit of my faith, which is love.


Love and beauty, combined with perseverance and focus, are the elements that keep me going on a path of ever expanding horizons in the adventurous journey of life as an artist.


The Russian Icons and 14th Century Italian paintings I saw in the museums and galleries of New York City, where I spent my teenage years, continue to influence me. The expressiveness in the eyes, the proportions and use of color in the Icons, and the Renaissance portraits, with their serenity and endless landscapes in the background, are images that still fill me with awe.


Other influences are my childhood spent in South America and a memorable trip to Italy… where the colors, aromas and tastes became a permanent part of my life.

Images above and on front-page mastheads by Alejandra Vernon. Front-page and Top: Love; Second from top: Stray Cats; Third: The Blessing; and Bottom: Pomegranates.

Words above by Alejandra Vernon.

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